Wednesday, March 4, 2009


On Monday we celebrated Dr. Seuss birthday with the daycare kids! This is a tradition for our family! It is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate! For breakfast we had green eggs and ham. The daycare loved having green eggs just like in the book! Then we read books and played Dr. Seuss's games! We decorated cupcakes and sang to Dr. Seuss. After the older kids got home we had the birthday bear come! Some of the kids weren't quite sure about him but when they got to know him they loved it! When the bear left, JJ took the kids out and flew a kites with them!

The green eggs and ham.

Kyler, Mallori, and Andi eating their green eggs and ham.

Josi and maddi eating their breakfast!

All the kids with their Balloons.

The younger kids with their cupcakes.

and the big kids with their cupcakes.

The kids with the BIRTHDAY BEAR!

JJ helping fly their kites!

Me, Syd and the cutest baby ever Koree! We were bored watching the kids fly their kites!

I guess we just wore the kids out! This is hudson and Koree at the end of the day.

At the end of the day Kyson felt a little bad that he didn't get to participate, so being the Kyson he is he had his own little birthday party!

Girls Vs Boys..... Winner is?

GIRLS!!! Well, Mostly Mom. The boys are always putting us girls in stupid wrestling moves. So Saturday night we gave them a taste of their own medicine! The girls and I had the boys so scared they were hiding in closets and on top of the bunk beds! If we ever need the boys to do something we know how! :)

Tanner trying to get on the bed!

The Boys TRYING to get away.

Korbin was laughing so hard at Tanner, he could barley move.

Kolten getting in the closet since there was no other place to hide.

Kolten was on the shelf curled in a little ball! It was sad, but funny too!

Kyson did hide for awhile but then we found him and beat him up too. :)