Sunday, January 18, 2009

She knew she was in love, The day reality became better than her dreams!!!

This year for my birthday.. January 3rd .. Our Mandie Sue that grew up right before our eyes ( and right down the road for thirteen years ) was married to Craig Evans for all eternity in the Salt Lake Temple. Mandie has always been a great example to my kids, she is so amazing and we love her with all our hearts. We have many memories with Mandie she has touched our lives in so many ways, but as you will see in these pictures it is her smile that you will never forget. We love you Mandie and Craig and thanks for a wonderful birthday!!!

This is the all famous picture the girls have taken since they were all in cheer at the same time for the knights. It is a must every time we get a chance to take it

JJ, Mandie, and Jen at the wedding dinner

While some of the kids were waiting they did a little photo shoot in front of the temple with the help of Bre


Bre and Coop





Blake staying warm inside

It was SOOO cold outside, words can't even explain how cold it really was, so as we were all standing out there waiting for Craig and Mandie to come out we all gathered together really close next to the temple to try to stay warm and block the wind.
Here is Audrey, OPA, and Jenica cuddling in OPA's coat to trying to stay warm

Coming out and revealing themselves as Mr. and Mrs. Evans for the FIRST TIME!

"you may kiss the bride"

The cute couple freezing on the stairs

The kids with Mandie at the reception

The Kitchen Crew
Whitnie, Brileigh, Krista, BreAnne, Jonique, Jynae, Me, Jechelle, Jevonne

Debbie Hanks and I

Who needs PETSMART?

Okay so zoey was getting pretty shaggy and looking like a little mut, and we didn't really feel like spending money on a dog haircut SOO we took the cheap way out.... we did it ourselves. And actually it didn't turn out THAT bad for our first try, we did have to touch up some spots through out the week, but she doesn't care. If only we could just do that with our own hair and it wasn't such a big deal how it looks!

In the process

She was being pretty difficult at times, but who wouldn't when they have sewing scissors put up next to them like this

All her hair!

The finished product, Zoey's 1st Haircut!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lets Bowl Lets Bowl Lets Rock and Roll

Grandma and Grandpa Walker took everyone in the family on their second anual bowling date on New Years Day! We all had way fun spending time together and showing off our skills! If it weren't for Grandma we wouldn't have any.

All of us

Grandpa and all the frys..don't worry he eventually shared! We just can't seem to go bowling at Jack and Jill without ordering their frys they're to die for!!

Some of the parents, and Walker Jay's lane

Kwin, Heidi, Kaden, and Devin

All the Girls

At one point all the girls had a score of 90...well except Jen, she was only at 64

Jackson, Kyson, and Jake

Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest
Korb, Brock, Tanner

JJ and Brock

Jen and Nikki bustin a move on dance dance

Thursday, January 8, 2009

"The One With The Nap Partners"

We walked in on Korbin and Trev laying like this (it's not exactly the position but close enough) and immediately thought of friends, "the one with the nap" HAHAHAHA watch for your self...