Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Great Year of Wrestling and Memories, Ends With State!

Korbin had such a great season this year! When Korbin was younger we would take him to State to watch his cousins wrestle, he never moved, he would call the calls before the officials would, he had loved wrestling since he was a small boy. I can not believe it is him at STATE now. He loved being a part of a team!! He worked very hard going to early morning practices each day at 6:00 til 7:15, then to Jr. High, then back to practice from 2:30 til 5:30, keeping his weight at 103 lbs and every weekend at another tournament. We loved watching Korbin each Thursday and then every weekend, We made a ton of memories with him. My favorite thing with Korbin this year was watching him be a part of the team, He would get more excited when one of his team mates would win he would almost go on to the Mat, jumping with excitement. I loved watching him get so excited for his cousin Tanner, it was Tanner's first year wrestling and he made the Varsity team with Korbin. Korbin would cheer him on each match he wrestled and show him moves that he loved. They have became very close through the wrestling season and have memories that will last forever. We are so very thankful to our family and friends who supported Korbin this year, It has been amazing the huge support he had at his wrestling matches, especially region and state. He ended the year taking first at region and fourth at state!


Everyone who made state dyed their hair Black!! Craig Young (who is the team captin and someone who korb looks up to) dyed korbs, Korbin did Tanner's all by himself! Bad idea... When his hair was done it was RED!! We were laughing so hard. Tanner didn't think it was too funny.

When they tried it again it actually worked! and looked awesome!

In the process

The final project

And your 103 region champ is.....


Korb did such an awesome job this year! We were so proud of him! Being a freshman, being varsity and taking region is such a great accomplishment!

After we found out Korbin was in the finals, Whitnie and Jechelle went home and made "LEVIN TEAM" shirts for Korb! It took them all day! and They turned out so cute!

Brileigh brought good luck balloons for Korbin.

All Korbins Fans!!!


Jynae, Whit, Bre, Cooper and Brileigh

Jonique and Boys

Omi and Opa


35 subways.. 4 girls!

I just had to put this picture on! It is so funny! This is a picture of the girls and the subways they got for everyone watching Korb! They had to get thirty five sandwiches AND sneak them all in! They had one bag and just stuffed them in so they were a little squished but still good! :)

Last sweethearts for Jenica!

Jenica went to her last sweethearts with her boyfriend Trev! She once again got to go with her cousins Tanner and Shelby! Some how everyone in the group was related. She had a blast. When we went shopping for a dress she couldn't find one she liked. So she found one on the internet but it wouldn't ship in time so her Omi made one for her! She spent a lot of time!and it turned out beautiful! THANKS OMI! They went bowling for the day date and then to Prestwich Farms for dinner. After the dance they came to our house and played snorta, (if you don't have this game you NEED to go get it! It is always making our family laugh!)hung out and watched a movie!

The cousins at the day date!

Jen and Trev

This is all the cousins! Tanner, Jenica and Shelby are all cousins. Clint and Tanner are cousins too!

Doesn't it look like something is missing?... Oh wait there is! Jen's date!!! Trev was running just a little late! Well an hour late!

Finally he comes!

The group just about ready to leave! Aren't they so cute?

They finally let loose!!

Since JJ and Jenica have been little, we have always told them that one day we were going to get boxing gloves and let them go at it!! Well after many of years and a lot of convincing from there two boy friends they let loose. We laughed so hard and they really were not really fighting just another night of good times. When we had to make a decision on the winner it was a tie. Brock voting for JJ and Trev voting for Jen. So it's not just a house of wrestlers it is a house of boxers. They all just box each other when they get a little mad! We should probably stop before someone needs to go to the hospital!