Sunday, August 31, 2008

32 packets in 30 days.... She really did it!!!

WOW!!! I have a graduate, it has gone by so fast I remember sending her to Kindergarten and wondering if she was going to be all right. She has grown to be such a beautiful daughter we could not ask for more. She had some hard times going to school as a sophmore, yeah she got that from her father. So we had a stressful year wondering if she really was going to do it. But the last month came and she put her mind to it and YES she achieved her goal less than 24 hours before graduation day, but she did it. We are so proud of JJ and the person she is. We are so thankful to our family and the support they have always shown her as she has grown, they have always been there for her and we can not express in words the love and appreciation we have for all of you. THANKS FAMILY, ALL OF YOU, YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!!

California, HERE WE COME!

This year for spring break our family decided on the spur of the moment to go to California with some of our cousins, The Sandersons. On Sunday, both families met in Nephi for lunch. Then we drove to Las Vegas where we stayed in The Stratosphere. It was so awesome to have a swimming pool on top of the building. After a hard core game of pool basketball, parents vs. kids, we all got ready, went to dinner, and walked the strip where kyson of course pimped it up with the show girls! But of course that wasn't epic enough for the dads. Ryan and Kelly had the idea of taking everyone to ride the rides on top of the Stratosphere, and eventually they talked most of the kids into it. Jenica, Korbin, Kyson and Shayli all rode big shot on top, while Shelby and JJ stood on the balconly watchin and the moms hung out in the rooms. Shayli, Jen, Ryan and Kelly continued to ride EVERY ride on top even the one that pretends to shoot you off the whole building. The next morning we all woke up and continued the drive to California. When we finally got there that night, we were all so tired we just hung out at the condo, grocery shopped, and ate (what a surprise, we ate ALL THE TIME) Tuesday was Sea World day, and the begining of all of our sunburns. The best thing about sea world was the Atlantis ride, because the shows aren't what they used to be when we were young and amused by the littlest things. Kelly on the other hand thought the best thing was watching us all get wet especially when it was him paying a quarter to squirt us with the gun. Wednesday was they day we went to the Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland. We spent the whole day riding all the different rides between both parks, again not as amusing as we thought it would be. Its so good the Sandersons were there to keep us entertained. Thursday was more just a chill out day, we stayed in San Diego and went to the beach, food, swam, food and slept did i mention food, i told you we just can't get enough! "It's a Walker thing". The beach was sooo cold. But despite the cold we still managed to have fun and get in. On Friday we couldnt' really figure out what to do, so when we found out our cousin Kyler had a baseball game in st george we decided why not go home half way and have some fun with our family down south. That night Darin and Les introduced our family to Texas Roadhouse( BAAADD idea, we are addicted now! Thanks a lot!!) well i guess you can say we had a lot of fun. It was really good to get together as a family and spend some quality time together!