Tuesday, December 16, 2008


If you really want to see the Christmas spirit, it takes seeing it throught the eyes of a child.

Today was a very special day at our house! SANTA CLAUS came to visit :) The whole daycare has been counting down the days for him to come. The girls spent the day getting all the kids looking so cute for santa to come see them! When he arrived not one kid was without a smile! Well except the babies, they were pretty scared but it still turned out so freaking cute and we all had so much fun!


Sunday, December 7, 2008


Major posting ahead! We are trying to catch up!!

The start of wrestling

This year Korbin made the high school varsity wrestling team. He gets the chance to wrestle with his cousin Tanner! So far its been good. We had our first tournament this week and it was way fun. Korbin went 8-2 and the team took third!! One of Korbins matches was different then usual. He had to wrestle a girl. But not just a girl, she is on the Olympic team, took second in state and is a senior! I was really nervous at first because you teach your boys to treat girls with respect. but then he has to wrestle her? but i came over my fear and let him wrestle! Korbin pinned her in 26 seconds! I was really shocked the bleachers didn't break the whole PG fans jumped and cheered for a very long time! I don't know if he did it for me but either way it helped to get it over fast! :)

me coloring with the kids.

jen and trev watching korb

JJ and brock

everyone watching the team

the girls getting their hair done!

Temple Square

This year we went to Temple Square with the Levin side. It was a blast! We rode the tracks up and walked around Temple Square. We also watch the Nativity scence. They did a very nice job! After walking around for ahwile we rode the tracks back home.

Family Pictures 08

We finally got some family pictures. Ryan's niece Whitney came and took our family pictures. Thanks Whit!

A night full of fun... CARVING PUMPKINS

For family night the Monday before Halloween we carved pumpkins as a family. We had a lot of fun laughing, joking, play fighting and even pretending to meditate!

Everyone cleaning their pumpkins.

Ryan helping the girls carve their pumpkins.

We all know how Kyson is.... JJ shoving Kysons face in the pumpkin insides.

Kyson after having his face full of pumpkin

When we were trying to find the candles to put inside our pumpkins we went to look and this is what we found kyson doing... Our life would be so boring with out Kyson. he is always making us laugh.


Jen and Trev





Kyson was able to play on the same football team as his cousin Jake. Their team did great. One of Kyson many good plays was catching the football on the second yard line running it ALL the way down to make a touchdown!! We were all so excited we practically ran the field with him! It was awesome! We just want to thank the family for coming a supporting Kyson and his team! We've got the best family around.

The fams supporting Kyson and Jake.

JJ, Brock, Bubba, and Brittney.

Were thinking maybe Jen had a long day.

me and my sisters Jelynn and Camalee

and my other sisters Jechelle and Jonique

Ryan being the sign holder.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

*Long time No see*

Sorry we haven't posted anything lately. Dont worry we didn't die, we're just trying to get all caught up and maybe one day we will learn to just post things RIGHT after they happen! It seems like it would be so much easier that way...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

And the winner is....

Once again our Vikings pull out a strong win against the rivals, (especially for our family) the lone peak knights! WAY TO GO BOYS!!!!
Final score PG: 24 LP: 21

We love to sit next to Jechelle and Kenly at every game they make it so much more fun! This is us girls after the game showing our viking pride!!!

and this is Ryan thinking he is funny....at least he is smiling though ;)

JJ & Brock

Jen & Trev

Where's Jen?!?
Shawn, Jenica, Bryce

The girls and Coach Kyle Sanderson...This is a tradition picture. Everytime we win lone peak we take this picture!

This is our favorite football player Shawn and his dad! He is like our brother and we have so much fun watching him play. We love you Shawn Good Job!!

Jechelle came and took me to the ground....

...but not for long, she obviously forgot who she was messing with. I ended up victorious! I guess that is a bonus in being a wrestler's mom.

The Levin girls will ALWAYS Bleed Blue!

Our Soccer Sunbeams

JJ got a new calling, she helps me in the sunbeams! So last Saturday we went and supported them in their soccer game, but i dont know if you can really call it "soccer." It is so cute they all basically just run away from the ball and watch it roll onto their feet, some even go the wrong way. We have a total of 13 sunbeams but these are just the ones who play soccer

JJ, Sydney, Zach, Emma, Kelsey

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jenica's Last Homecoming!!

Jenica went to her last homecoming with her boyfriend Trevor. She was lucky enough to have her two cousins go in her group, Tanner and Shelby. She had really fun. They went to HeeHaws and decorated Haunted Houses and ate pizza to finish up the date. For dinner they ate dinner at Grandma Walkers. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for letting them use your house! We decorated the patio so cute. After the dance they came to our house and played board games and just had fun.