Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fun Tuesday!

Last week Jenica found these little animals to paint! So instead of loading all the kids up we made our own fun here! The kids painted their animals and then Jenica painted their faces! It turned out really cute and super fun!

Coloring the animals
Older kids
Younger Kids

Face Painting

Sydney "DOG"


Jaxon "DOG"

Hero "DOG"

Matthew "DOG"

Tyler "DOG"




Sage "TIGER"

Iziah "TIGER"

Chase "TIGER"

Brooklyn "TIGER"


Peyton "TIGER"

All of our little Animals! and a football

Sunday, July 5, 2009


My whole family loves Strawberry days! It is one of our favorite holidays! We love being able to be with the family for a whole week! This year it was only Me, JJ and Jenica! The boys went to Idaho for wrestling! Korbin did AWESOME once again!! I forgot to send a Camera with the boys so i don't have picutres! But we are so proud of Korb. His practice is paying of! He took first in Freestlye and Second in Grecco! Nationals is a hard tournment but we knew Korbin could do it!! For Strawberry days the Kids went to the Carnival on wednesday just before the boys had to leave! They had so fun!

Then on Thursday we went to the Rodeo to watch Chase and Hudson do the Muttin Bustin! I forgot how fun the Rodeo was! I loved it! We actually ended up going both Thursday and Friday! Thursday we went with Omi, Opa, Bre, Matt and Coopy! and Friday we went with Tyler, Lyndsie, Mandie, Craig, Angie and Blake! Thanks everyone for making it so fun for us!!
Jenica, JJ, Brock with Chase and Hudson before they rode the Sheep!!

Brooklyn, JJ, Jen and KK

JJ and Brock Wednesday Night

Brock and Chase

Jen and Trev friday night

JJ, Blake and Jen. (don't you love his smile)

JJ and Brock before the Rodeo on Friday!
Jen and Trev getting ready to leave!
P.S I'm already counting down the days for next years rodeo just so i can have a Rodeo hamburger again!

On Saturday we went to the Parade with my family! I love the parade. This year was perfect weather! Not to hot not to cold! The girls had fun being with their cousin and seeing the Parade! The kids have such good spirit and make anything fun! I love how close they are with their cousins! On both sides! It makes family parties so much better! We love our families!!

Another day of fun!

Our "Fun Tuesday" the past couple of weeks have been a blast!! Last week we were able to go down the blow up water slides! These are so fun! Not only for little kids! Me, JJ, Jenica, Brock, Trevor and Tanner even played of them and had a blast! The kids did relay races, played tag, raced down and up the sides and just hung out! It was so fun! The water was FREEZING but worth it!

Two weeks ago we went down to Huck Finn days! Pleasant Grove City puts on a free fun place for the kids to go have fun! They can fish, do doughnut walks, show tricks, face painting and so much more! The kids had so fun! They got to do everything there! We have gone to Huck Finn days for a VERY long time and have never been disapointed!

Three weeks ago we hiked to the G mountain! I was a little nervous at first but the kids did great!! We all made it to the top with no tears! I totally forgot how steep those hills were! It was totally worth it! I loved how the kids got so excited to be at the top with the G! All the kids kept saying the cutest things! Here are some we remembered!
KYLER- "I should have stayed home with my grandma today"
PEYTON-"Oh my gosh your killing me"
HERO- Every step Hero would take he would say "easy, easy"
GARRETT-"If the cougars can do it so can we!"