Wednesday, June 10, 2009

She made it!!

Jenica graduated on May 29! We are so proud of her! She had a very hard senior year, so we are glad she is away from the high school! But we are still sad she is done! I can't believe I am half way done with high school! I just don't feel this old! :( We had a great day with Jen! Her and my nephew Kaden were graduating so we did a lunch at my parents house! It turned out way cute! i didn't get picture of the lunch but i did get some at graduation!!

Trevor and Jen

Bre and little Coopy!

Trevor's parents
Marcel and Dawna

Shayli and Jelynn

Mandie and Craig

Whit and Bri

Omi and opa

Levin Aunts

Tyler, Lynsdie and our cute Elsie

Jechelle(who is in most of the pictures... She won!Kenly and Keaton

Sanderson Family.
Janeene, Koree and Dugan

Baby Koree! Jenica loves this little baby so much! Everytime Jen walks into a room Koree get so excited. We love being able to babysit Koree!

JJ and Brock

Our family

Jackson and Cam

Clint Jacob


Kelcee Young

Craig Young

Kyle Sanderson
We are so Grateful for Kyle! He helped us so much with Jen this past year!


Jenica had her last prom on May 2. She went with her boyfriend Trevor! They had a blast! She also got to go with her cousin Tanner! Every dance she went to this year her cousin Tanner was in her group! We love having our family so close! For their day date they went four wheeling! It was pouring rain but they loved it!
This is Jenica already to go!

Trev already to go!

This is Jenica's cousin that went to PG prom!
Tanner, Jen and Kaden!

Kaden and Jenica were our only seniors this year!(at PG)We had to get a picture!

This is the group!
Tanner, Steph, Laura, Tanner, Jen and Trev!

Every year Jen goes to prom she can't put the flower on! You think after three years she would be able to! But this is her pretending she knows what she is doing!

Kyson and Tanner wanted to see what it would be like to dress up for prom! Tanner tried on Jen's dress and Kyson tried on her extensions! We thought Kyson look a little to much like Joe Dirt! (which is Kyson's favorite movie). These boys are always making us laugh! They just think of the funniest things!

We just can't decide who wears it better? Jenica or Tanner?

Tuesday Fun!!

Every Tuesday we let the kids try something new! This week we took them ice blocking! It was a blast! They all did great! It was fun to see all the kids try something they have never done! If you have never gone ice blocking YOU NEED too! After we went ice blocking we went down to the park! The kids love helping the little ones go down the slide! The summer has been so fun and we have been able to do a lot with kids! We love having the kids in our lifes!