Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I know i say i'm going to keep up on my blog but i never do! so we have A LOT of posts! Hope everything is going good with everyone! Our family is doing great! Love ya all!


When we were walking down the Blvd a guy was handing out FREE Dr. Phil tickets! Once again we BIG fans of Dr. Phil! So Me and Ryan took the girls to see the show! We got to see two episodes get filmed! It was really cool to be apart of something like that! and I finally have to admit i have OCD! One episodes was about OCD and i kept relating to everything Dr. Phil would talk about!
After we went back to the hotel and just relaxed.

While we were walking the Blvd. people kept asking us to take a tour. So we decided to get up and take a tour! We were able to see 15 different stars homes and HOLLYWOOD Mountain! We were also able to ride in a limo! It was very fun! The Beverly Hills Sign

Inside the limo
Outside the Limo
After going on the tour it was time to go home! We had a really fun time and can't wait til next spring break! At the end the boys decided to switch places! Korbin would take pictures but Kyson wouldn't! Oh the joy of having teenaged boys! On the way to the airport the kids were making us so laugh hard. They were trying to make these ugly faces and boy did they!

On the way to our house Kyson had to go the bathroom so bad! We had to pull over on the freeway and let him go!


The kids really wanted to see the L.A. Temple! So before we went to the Hollywood Blvd we stopped and took some pictures. The L.A. temple is very pretty. It was so quiet and so spiritual.

After the temple we found our way to Hollywood Blvd. The kids were so excited to see the stars on the sidewalk. When we were walking we saw Hooters! Kyson really wanted to go in so we did! I think we made his whole year! Our family is a BIG fan of the reality show, Big Brother! It is one of our favorite thing to watch in the summer! While we were eating we saw Dan, the winner of last year eating with one the other players, Keisha! We had to get a picture!

After we got done eating we started walking the Blvd. We saw that the premier for 17 again was about to start! which means ZAC EFRON would be there! The girls didn't care how long it would be we just HAD to wait! The street was FULL of people waiting! The girls had to stand up against the window to see him! It was a lot harder then it looks.
This is what the street looked like!
Korb wasn't too impressed or thats what he said! While we were waiting i found him trying to see him! I just though it was so funny I had to take a picture!
After a long wait he finally came! The girls just about died! He was 7 feet ahead of them! They got pictures but they came out blurry beacause he was moving, and they were shaking!
When we started walking up the Blvd. these guys were taking pictures with people and the girls just had to get a picture too, just incase they became famous one day too.

We went into the "Wax" Musuem and World Records! There was some pretty cool facts! We thought the Wax muesum could be updated! It has a lot of old people in there!

Spring Break 2009

For spring break we took the kids to California! The girls have never flown so we decided to fly instead of drive. (WHAT WERE WE THINKING??)If you know me I HATE flying! I would rather drive 24 hours then fly for two. The fly there wasn't to bad. I wish i could say that for the fly home! We hit a wind storm and you know how that goes. I think Jen has scars from me holding on her so tight.

After we landed we went and got our rental car!
HAHA!! YA RIGHT! The kids were hoping we could drive this car around but then they woke up ;)
Korbin and Kyson were a little bored so we took some snap shots.

Here are Kyson, Jen and JJ. Korbin was being Korb and wouldn't take a picture.

Soo.. He got one all by himself!

The first day we got there we went to Six Flags. It was a blast! The kids were so brave and rode every ride! I got sick half way through the day so i couldn't ride all of them.
Kyson got a little sick and had to throw up. Once he did we was fine the rest of the day.
After going on the ride again and again we were all a little sick! We saw this little oxygen bar and Jenica convinced us to do it! (Two years ago Jenica had done this with her friends. Me and Ryan flipped when we found out because we thought it was bad! She kept telling us it wasn't but we didn't believe her! She finally proved us right!) You really have to try an oxygen bar! It really helps your headaches and stomach! Ryan got a little into it as you can see...
Right before we were getting ready to leave the Six Flags Parade started! It was short but very cute!
After going to Six Flags we went swimming in the pool and relaxed in the hot tub. We were all so tired we went back and fell asleep really fast.

"EGG"mazing Race!

Every year I plan an amazing race for both sides of the family. Despite all the stress in turns out to be so fun! This year we did it different. We gave all the clues first and the team had to decide their own route. We went to ten different places from Macey's in Pleasant Grove to the fire station in Cedar Hills. Every team had a camera and had to take pictures of every place! In the picture your group had to have your bunny ears on, your stuff bunny and an egg. If you didn't you would get docked points. We had a blast and look forward to next year!

On the Walker side we divided the teams BOYS and GIRLS. It was a blast! We had all the girls in one car and the boys in two cars. It was so funny to see the boys running with their bunny ears on.

Levin side On the Levin side we did the team different. We got to choose are teams but they couldn't be in the same family. JJ and Brock were with Ty, Lynds and Elsie. They had so fun. They took such cute pictures. Me, Jen and Trev were with Kam, Kathy, Brinnley and Talon. The race was so fun! Ryan and the boys weren't able to make it. They were driving home from vegas! They went down the whole week to wrestle! Once again, Korb did AWESOME! he took 3rd in Grecco and 4th in Freestyle! We are so proud of him!

We got hit by the...

Leprechaun!!! On St. Patricks Day the leprechaun came and turned everything GREEN!! Everything from our milk to even our bread. Holidays like this our my favorite. Only because the kids get so excited. The leprechaun even left gold all over our yard! The kids had fun looking for the gold!
JJ and Kyson with our green bread!
I love how JJ gets so into the holidays with me! She found this cute shirt for Kyson and just had to buy it. Then the night before St. Patricks Day she went and bought all her cute stuff to wear to work.

The kids running up the stairs to go find the gold.

Here they are getting the gold.

Hudson, Peyton and Andi with all their gold they found.