Sunday, October 4, 2009

Korbin's First homecoming!

On September 19, 2009 Korbin had his first homecoming!! I can't believe how fast he has grown up! He had a blast! He went with His best friend Colten, His two cousins Tanner and Jackson and one of his friends Tom! They made shirts together and then went Lazar tagging! They all looked so cute! After, They had dinner at my parents! After a crazy day of getting it all together it turned out really cute!

A girls day out!

What an amazing day, with some of my favorite people ever!! We started out our day eating at Zupas. (BEST PLACE EVER) and then went to the What a Women Wants.. I wish I could have stayed there all day! They had some pretty awesome stuff! and then we went to the Women's conference. As I sat at the conference center surrounded by amazing women I realized how much i need to work on myself! I was able to go with my family and some of Ryan's family. (My mom, Ryan's mom, Camalee, Jonique, BreAnne and my Girls) These woman are such examples to me each day of my life. Each shows me strength in trails and in the gospel. I was so blessed to spend the day with them! We defiantly made some memories! Special thanks to Cam for making and AWESOME adventure on the way home! ;)
My family eating at Zupas!

All the great women after the Conference

BreAnne, JJ, Me and Jen making so memories waiting fot the trax!
JJ, Jen and BRe on the ride home

JJ and Bre singing at Texas Roadhouse!

Let the games begin!

Football season started and our lives got busy! We love going to support Kyson and watch him grow so much. He has been doing amazing this year in football! It is the cutest thing to see him out there. He looks to little! I get very nervous watching him get tackled. But he doesn't even care. He just goes and goes and goes. GOOD JOB KYSON!
Viking A team!
I wasn't kidding when i said he is to little.. see for yourself

Kyson's Fans!

50 years down....

What a blessing Ryans family has in his Mother....she left her own parents and family 50 years ago with a small baby(Ralph) to live the American dream and to give her own Children a life with Freedom. I wonder many times if I would have ever been able to do the things she has done, come to a country not knowing anyone. Trudi Levin is an amazing women who loves her children and grandchildren enough that fifty years ago she came to America for each of them....So on September 16th we celebrated by hanging up signs and doing her tradition of ballons(fifty of them) all around her yard. We then where able to go for a family get together and be with her on her special day. We love you Trudi!!! You are our American Hero!!!! Thank you for all you do for all of us each and everyday.


Before our lives got really busy I wanted to take the kids up to Snowbird. So one Saturday we drove up there and tried it out! We had a blast! It was fun to be together and have a fun day! We rode the slide (it's like the Alpine slide), did the zip line, rode the mechanical bull and walked through October Fest!

Mission Calls

Two of our nephews have been called to serve missions! Wyatt Levin has been called to serve in New Zealand. He will be serving the same mission as his dad Ric. Jay Smack has been called to Argentina. He will be serving the same mission as Tabor! They will barley miss each other! Jay will be going in and Tabor will be coming home! Wyatt and Jay will both be leaving in January! I'm so grateful for the examples they have been to my boys! You will be missed boys!!

Wyatt Levin

The family and Wyatt

Jay Smack