Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jenica's Last Homecoming!!

Jenica went to her last homecoming with her boyfriend Trevor. She was lucky enough to have her two cousins go in her group, Tanner and Shelby. She had really fun. They went to HeeHaws and decorated Haunted Houses and ate pizza to finish up the date. For dinner they ate dinner at Grandma Walkers. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for letting them use your house! We decorated the patio so cute. After the dance they came to our house and played board games and just had fun.

Our New Addition....

After moving to our new home about a year and a half ago we had to get rid of our dog Keesha. Our family was SO SAD(ryan was not)! All of us understood why we couldn't keep her but we were still sad. After a year of begging and hoping we would get a new dog we FINALLY did! Her name is Zoey and she is a Tiny Teacup Yorkie. She will be around 2.5-3 pounds full grown! We never thought Ryan would fall in love with a dog. But we were wrong. Sometimes we think he loves her more than us. JUST KIDDING! She is such a cute dog, she is always playing and following us around. Zoey is just another part of the family. Where ever we take her she is never put down. We are so excited Ryan gave in and let us buy this cute dog. Who would blame him though she is sooo cute!

She is so small she fits in a tea cup!!

JJ and Zoey fell asleep watching T.V.

a better look at Zoey(pictures DO NOT explain how cute she is)

Secondhand Serenade Concert!

About 6 months ago, Tanner introduced us to Secondhand Serenade. Our family listens to it everyday. When we go to the store, church, and even in the house. When we heard Secondhand was coming there would be no doubt that we would be there. A week before the concert Jenica went down to Smithtix and bought the whole family tickets. All the kids got to bring one friend. When we got there it wasn't what we expected. There were kids EVERYWHERE. We walked in and realized that it was going to be a mash pit Me, Ryan, JJ, Brock, Kyson weren't to excited. We decided to go to Texas Roadhouse. Four hours later, we arrived back at the concert thinking we were going to watch Secondhand but we were wrong. We still had to wait another hour till we watched him. Over all it was really fun.

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Final Summer Catch Up

So we've jammed our whole summer into one day of blogging. Sorry about that we just were having so much fun catching up to everyone!

This summer has been so fun for our family. We have been through a lot and did so many different fun things. Three of our favorites would have to be going Ice Blocking and Boating as a family and Lagoon. Everyone races down the hills, avoiding the ones who crash. We have went a ton taking different people each time. Ryan loves when we get to go out to the lake for a couple hours. He thinks it is very funny throwing us around the water like we are rag dolls strapped to a tube. Everyone takes turns rotating out of the tube fighting competion, we seriously have so much fun each and every time! We also went up to Lagoon for a day as family and a few friends. The whole day was too much fun, riding all the rides and laughing til we almost peed our pants at how scared some people were of them. We can't wait to go again! Maybe next time EVERYONE will come!


This year 3 of our kids were able to participate in a life changing experience. July 22-July 26, JJ, Jenica, and Korbin all dressed up like pioneers to trek across the plains at Martins Cove. Being able to go through a little percentage of what the pioneers did made them all more appreciative of what they have and what others, like the pioneers, did for them. They all left early Tuesday morning to ride the buses up to Martins Cove, Wyoming. The first day wasn't too bad they just rode the buses all day, and only had to push the handcarts for 3.5 miles to reach their camp site. On Wednesday, they woke up and went through the usual morning ritual preparing themselves for a very spiritual day. The first stop on the trail was the Sweetwater Crossing. Here President Henry told the story of the 4 heroes: 4 18 year old young men sacrificed their lives to save and carry many of the pioneers across the river. It was dead winter on this day and there where chunks of ice floating all around them but they still did it. Jenica was able to be carried across by President Henry and feel just a little of what it felt like, it truly was an amazing experience for the both of them. After the crossing they continued to trek up to Martin's Cove and were able to walk on hollowed ground and see where the pioneers had to hide out, keeping themselves as warm as they could with the harsh conditions they were under, waiting for the rescue to come and find them. They heard stories of pioneers losing their lives and loved ones because they froze to death, and even hearing the wolves tearing at the dead bodies was very unbearable. Some of the pioneers even gave up clothing so they could use it to wrap their loved ones bodies high it the trees so the hungry wolves wouldn't be able to touch them. Thursday was Pioneer Day back in Utah. This was very cool for the kids to be going through what they did, on a day where we honor the very men and women who crossed the plains also. Waking up knowing they had to trek 13.5 miles, they knew they were in for it. Not only was this one of the long days, it was one of the most difficult. Thursday was the day the experienced the women's pull. When they reached the biggest hill on the trek they were all hoping that wouldn't be it. But sure enough it was the hill...Korbin had to leave all the girls behind and walk up the hill with all the young men. When they were at the top, the men learned about the importance of women in our church and how they should be respected because without them the priesthood and the gospel couldn't be whole. While the boys where waiting for the girls at the top, they had their own devotional at the bottom. Sister Anderson told the story behind the song As Sisters In Zion They then continued on with singing the song, which brought the spirit in so strong and tears to each young women's eyes. Then finally the young women used all their might to get up the hill with the young men standing right next to them on the trail, hats off in honor, watching them suffer and go through something so strenuous it was unbearable to see the looks on each girls face. After the pull, JJ had found out that Jenica and Korbin were both very dehydrated. This is a time when the three kids had to pull together and be there and show love for one another when it was most needed. Friday was the finally day. The went 15.25 miles mostly uphill on Rocky Ridge, another difficult task but well worth it. It was filled with huge sharp rocks that they had to pull the handcarts over and at the same time keep themselves balanced so they wouldn't fall and get hurt. Several families had to bury their babies along the trial that day. Again, many pioneers lost their lives when they treked this in the snow, without shoes, stubbing their feet on all of the rocks until they were cut, bruised and bleeding. After when they were finally almost to the last campsite They were given a bag a flower and told that was all they were going to get for dinner that night, supplies were low and that is all they had. But when they got there, the "rescue team" was there waiting. Our stake gave the parents of our youth an opportunity to meet the trekers at Rock Creek Hollow and participate in being the Rescue Team for our trek. The parents met the youth at the opening of the camp site cheering for them as they came through. They brought them their meat they were in need of (a huge barbecue feast) That night the parents were able to participate in stories, laughing, games, and the fireside to wrap up the trek. It was really awesome be there for our kids supporting them and being there for them especially after everything we had gone through that week. Especially seeing how four days could impact their lives and make their testimony grow so strong.

Greg and Shelly Wootton; These two people have touched our lives for last nine years, we have been privileged to watch there daughters since then. They were called to be a Ma and Pa on the trek. Even though they were not our children's Ma and Pa they touched their lives extremely with there awesome examples, by the way they live their life. They were there everytime our kids needed them for this we are for ever grateful. We love you Greg and Shelly


Jenica came into our lives with a huge bang!!! She decided to come a month early while Ryan was in California working with his dad. Jenica has brought excitement to our lives ever since. She has always been soft hearted and caring for all those around her. This last summer, two people came into her life that have changed it for the better each day..... Thanks Trevor and Shawn, so for her birthday on July 7th Trevor surprised Jen with a party at trafalga with all her good friends, then took her to dinner at the view, and ended by being the first to wish Jenica a Happy Birthday at midnight on the eighth. Then on the eighth she just hung out with family and her friends. She has grown up so fast from this darling little girl to a beautiful young women. She is always there for everyone in our family and always willing to help all of us. Jenica has made some major decisions in her life that has made her become a better and stronger person, we could not be more proud of her choices. We are thankful to her close friends and family who have made such an influence in her life.

Jen and Trev before the date

Me and Jen on her Birthday

Jenica and her friends

The highlight of our SUMMER!!!! Karter Mathew Casperson!!!!

On May 24th of 1985 I recieved on of the greatest gift from my brother that I would ever recieve... A NIECE.... little did I know she would be so much more to me than just a niece, she would become one of my very best friends and the other half of my brain. When Laci was just nine I went with her to Sawyer Brown concert, we waited for hours in the back just to let her get their autographs. Laci would come stay with me every summer for a week or so one of my favorites was when she came with a friend early in her teenage years and we would watch big brother together.. I know not such a great show, but I've been hooked ever since. We have had many memories.. some of my favorites are Lagoon, card playing with her and mckell for hours and sometimes days(we knew how to cheat huh Lac)Of course New York(that story will be for a later blog) and staying up for hours just talkin with Laci, but my most favorite to date is what happened this summer. I would call Laci everyday hoping this little guy was on his way, but when the call came in on June 17th we packed up Grandma Walkers car and Me, JJ, Janeene, Grandma, Lakyn, and Lesli headed to Idaho.
When we got there her doctor had decided to make her go home and wait a while. Well for the next sixty hours we waited.... So we filled the time with memories and fun. Matt took me, JJ, Lakyn, Laci and Janeene to the river to jump in. Matt, JJ and I were the only ones to jump in or fall in, in my case but it was good times.

Then finally that night Laci was able to stay at the hospital, we all stayed the night at the hospital hoping it would be soon, but our little Karter decided to wait til almost 2:00 the next day. It was worth the wait to be there with Laci and Matt. What a wonderful experience to share with the family. I love you Laci and am so grateful to have you be a part of my life each day!

Strawberry Days

Ever since I was a young girl. Strawberry Days has been the highlight of our family summer vacation. I remember getting our new outfits, then having a barbaque with the family. My Mom always made everything so very special for us, she never like the carnival so we would get to go to Lagoon usually the next day. Now we all go the Rodeo with the Levins on Thursday(family night) then we take the day care to Huck Finn on Friday, then it is Saturday with the Walkers. The parade here we come, we usually try to get the kids all matching shirts, this year I dropped the ball but all was good anyways. Kwin usually makes the great comments for us as the parade goes by he keeps us laughing. We always get the most candy thrown at us cause we are the most exciting to come by. Well another year has gone by but we can not wait til next year.

$1 Princess Headbands for all the girls.... Our girls are still not to hard to please!!

The highlight this year was our kids stopping every character to get pictures, this is just one of them

JJ and Brileigh at the Rodeo, JJ came home from St. George just to be with the family... This is one of JJ's very favorite people in our family... Do you blame her?