Sunday, October 4, 2009

A girls day out!

What an amazing day, with some of my favorite people ever!! We started out our day eating at Zupas. (BEST PLACE EVER) and then went to the What a Women Wants.. I wish I could have stayed there all day! They had some pretty awesome stuff! and then we went to the Women's conference. As I sat at the conference center surrounded by amazing women I realized how much i need to work on myself! I was able to go with my family and some of Ryan's family. (My mom, Ryan's mom, Camalee, Jonique, BreAnne and my Girls) These woman are such examples to me each day of my life. Each shows me strength in trails and in the gospel. I was so blessed to spend the day with them! We defiantly made some memories! Special thanks to Cam for making and AWESOME adventure on the way home! ;)
My family eating at Zupas!

All the great women after the Conference

BreAnne, JJ, Me and Jen making so memories waiting fot the trax!
JJ, Jen and BRe on the ride home

JJ and Bre singing at Texas Roadhouse!

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Matt and Laci said...

besides you would have had a lot more fun if YOUR FAVORITE PERSON would have been there!!